Arjumand Ghazi University of Pittsburgh

October 25, 2022

Daniel Augenbraun
Significant: History of Art and Architecture; Minor: Studio Arts
Discovering Through Training: Generating an Arts Focused Service-Learning Program
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Bender, division of reputation for Art and Architecture

Taylor A. Barbieri
Majors: Economics, Management of Justice
Cyber-Attacks: Virtual Conflict and Implications for International Law
Professors Mentor: Dr. Lisa Nelson, Scholar Class of Public and International Affairs

Joshua Barbin
Majors: History, Africana Studies
The End of Civilization(s)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernard Hagerty, Division of History

Kyle Berkow
Major: Bioengineering
Modeling Knees for Prevention of Early Onset Osteoarthritis
Faculty teachers: Dr. Richard Debski, Department of Bioengineering, SSoE, and Dr. Shawn Farrokhi, division of bodily Therapy, SoM

Gregory Brunette
Significant: Bioengineering
In Vivo Effect of Dexamethasone on Immediate Microglial a reaction to Microdialysis
Professors Mentor: Dr. X. Tracy Cui, Department of Bioengineering, SSoE

Alex Burger
Dick Thornburgh Summer Fellow
Majors: Economics, Politics & Philosophy
’Crime when you look at the rooms:’ Prosecution of standard bank Fraud by the division of Justice, 1988 – 1991
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Lehn, Katz Scholar Class of Business

Reggie Caginalp
Majors: Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics
Follow the Commander: Dynamics of Combined Group Decision-making
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brent Doiron, Division of Mathematics

Andrew Coxon
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry
T Antigens From Polyomaviruses Activate an Antiviral Condition
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Teresa Sáenz-Robles, Division of Biological Sciences

Alex DeGrave
Majors: Mathematics, Molecular Biology
Computer Simulations as Tools for Protein-based Change Design
Professors Mentor: Dr. Lillian Chong, Division of Chemistry

Nicholas J. DelBuono
Major: Neuroscience; Small: Chemistry
The Site of Action of NHR-49/PPARα in Fat Metabolism and the aging process in C. elegans
Professors Mentor: Dr. Arjumand Ghazi, Department of Pediatrics, SoM

Yadhu Dhital
Major: Biological Sciences; Small: Biochemistry
Psychological state and Sleep Issues Among Bhutanese Refugees Living in Pittsburgh
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Germain, Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychology, SoM

Thomas Diehl
Significant: Biological Sciences; Minor: Biochemistry
Differential Neuronal Activation Following Passive and Active Odor Exposure
Professors Mentor: Dr. Anne-Marie Oswald-Doiron, Department of Neuroscience

Luke Drnach
Significant: Bioengineering
Carbon Nanotubes as Synthetic Ion Channels
Professors Mentor: Dr. Steven Little, Dept. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, SSoE

Alexandré Gauthier
Significant: Physics; Minors: Mathematics, Computer Science
Nanoelectromechanical Characteristics of LaAIO3/SrTiO3 Single-Electron Transistors
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Levy, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Xiaoyun Gu
Majors: Mathematics, Economics
The Role regarding the Electricity marketplace within the Chinese Economy, With Unique concentrate on Nuclear energy
Professors Mentor: Dr. Thomas G. Rawski, Division of Economics

Thomas Helgerman
Majors: Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy
Examining the influence of Capital Flows in the Formation of resource cost Bubbles in Developing Countries

Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Maloy, Department of Economics

Meghan Hipple
Major: History of Art and Architecture; Minor: Studio Arts
Configuring Procedures: Curating a Collaborative Analysis Exhibition
Professors teachers: Dr. Drew Armstrong, Director of Architectural Studies, and Isabelle Chartier, Curator, University memorial, division of reputation for Art and Architecture

Emily Horstman
Major: Spanish
Coming of Age vs. Difference: the alternative of a Queer Border Bildungsroman in modern teenage Adult Literature
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Armando García, Department of Hispanic Languages & Literatures

Channing Kaiser
Majors: English Literature, English Composing
Relative Representations of India in Indian and west Literature
Professors Mentor: Dr. Michael West, Division of English

Apoorva Kandakatla
Significant: Neuroscience; Small: Chemistry
Regenerative Ophthalmology: Modulating the Immune a reaction to Injury within the CNS utilizing ECM Technology
Professors Mentor: Dr. Michael Steketee, Department of Ophthalmology, SoM

Kaley Kilpatrick
Mary Ellen Callahan Undergraduate Summertime Analysis Fellow
Significant: History of Art and Architecture; Minor: Italian
Checking out Museum Programming for Elderly Individuals with Dementia
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Bender, Department of reputation for Art and Architecture

Robyn Konicki
Significant: Pharmacy
Distinguishing Biomarkers to enhance Diagnosis and Treatment of Severe Dengue illness
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ernesto Torres De Azeved Marques Jr., Center for Vaccine Research, University of Pittsburgh, and division of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, GSPH

Alexandra Krongel
Majors: History, Physics, Background and Philosophy of Science
As well as the tale Goes Backwards: Examining Alchemy’s devote the Scientific Revolution
Professors Mentor: Dr. Janelle Greenberg, Division of History

Jennifer Lines
Majors: Chinese, Linguistics
Communism, Meet Chic: an Analysis for the Shifting Ideological Focuses in Ding Ling’s Work
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kun Qian, Division of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Daniel Malinowski
Majors: Philosophy, English Literature
So what doesn’t Change/ may be the will likely to Change: Charles Olson while the utilization of Marxist Interpretations
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Phillip Smith, Department of English

Allison Mancini
Major: Microbiology; Small: Biochemistry
Actin-Targeting Medicines: A Possible New Therapy for HIV-1
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Velpandi Ayyavoo, Dept. of Infectious Conditions & Microbiology, GSPH

William Matthews
Majors: Correspondence, Mindset
The Animated Man
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Meredith Guthrie, Division of Communication

Brittany McBryde
Major: Personal Perform
The results of Violence in the Adolescent notice
Professors Mentor: Dr. Lovie Jackson Foster, SoSW, Clinical and Translational Science

Reena Naik
Significant: Political Science
A Cross-Regional assessment: examining the Rise of Legal Arbitration as well as its Implications for Economic developing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Glass, Urban Research System

Abbey O’Brien
Major: History of Art and Architecture
Sensational Sickness: The Glorification of Addiction when you look at the resides and Deaths of Pollock and Basquiat
Faculty Mentor: Dr.Gretchen Bender, division of reputation for Art and Architecture

Carly O’Connor
Majors: Neuroscience, Japanese
Combatting Amphetamine: The Role of G Beta-Gamma Subunits on Dopamine Efflux
Professors Mentor: Dr. Edda Thiels, Division of Neurobiology, SoM

Rachel Puralewski
Majors: Neuroscience, English Literature; Small: Biochemistry
Genetic Polymorphism of VAMP1 on VAMP and Brain Function
Faculty teachers: Dr. Etienne Sibille, and Dr. Suzanne Ahmari, division of Psychiatry, SoM and Translational Neuroscience system, UPMC

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211 Golden Valley, Kerrville Texas
211 Golden Valley, Kerrville Texas
Texas Valley.mpg
Texas Valley.mpg
Texas Valley Vacation Summer 1957
Texas "Valley" Vacation Summer 1957
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