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August 12, 2022
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Fielding Istanbul

Our focus right here is going to be on two considerable factors regarding the 21st century metropolis: (rapid) modification and heterogeneity. Through the deployment of spot principle and spot methodology, tools lent from metropolitan ecology, we'll make progressively finer differentiations between urban spots of the Golden Horn. Unlike architecture, metropolitan ecology cannot split metropolitan complexity into specific methods thus loosing the networking logic underlying it but alternatively reduces the totality of entire metropolitan area into contiguous but discrete spots. These patches gain their particular discrete boundaries through their particular interior homogeneity similarly and their particular heterogeneity in relation to neighboring patches on the other. While the split of metropolitan groups is indebted to modernist thinking, the area methodology is more attuned to an eco-systemic strategy and so more desirable on framework of the Istanbul summertime system.

The topics of examination via plot methodology may be liquid high quality, aquatic life, liquid edge/coastline setup, waterfront programming/land-use, waterfront structure, waterfront "practices of everyday life, " land-cover, and metropolitan form. Each plot will include information pertaining to one or more among these subjects and thus enable knowledge of the relational qualities among them. Much like the macro-scale into the seminar, at micro-scale we are going to consistently keep track of systemic modification and heterogeneity from present to the past in order to comprehend the improvement in change as well as the moving heterogeneity that defines the Golden Horn. Simultaneously, we will project desirable scenarios for the future.

Imaging Istanbul

The seminar intends to shut the prevailing gap between ideas and technologies of the 21st century metropolis and architects’ existing information retrieval and representation methods. It'll repeat this by examining the sort of understanding each information collection technology generates because of its own time, spot, and content.

Getting started aided by the earliest urban maps of Constantinople, the seminar will track the development of representational techniques in reference to the various tools and concepts of their time. Students has the initial chance to go to regional archives in addition to historic web sites to understand first-hand the feedback between analytical concepts and tools additionally the man-made environment. The town of Istanbul consists of urban items dating back into Neolithic Age and thus constitutes an extraordinary case study.

Following historic analysis, the workshop will consider a growing generation of resources including geo-simulation, GIS, remote-sensing, multi-spectral electronic imaging, multi-agent methods, and automata- based modeling and talk about the implications of dynamic information collection. The workshop will require maximum advantage of its location by consulting local studies that use these technologies and seeing their analysis websites to see first-hand the conditions becoming analyzed.

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A Study of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul.
A Study of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul.
Colours of Istanbul
Colours of Istanbul
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