Istanbul University of Commerce

November 22, 2021
Istanbul Commerce University

(Turkish: İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi) is a personal university created in 2001 because of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. The college provides undergraduate and graduate programs as well as doctorate programs in Istanbul.

The main goal of Istanbul Commerce University is always to boost and develop the skilled peoples capital that will donate to the Turkish economic climate, trade and industry; also by using this origin to follow scientific and technologic improvements in worldwide scale and transfer the knowledge it produces into changing world also to Turkish culture.

As a favorite college in public, it really is the three most plumped for exclusive universities to sign up in across the country.


The idea of founding Istanbul Commerce University was initially proposed by Prof. Dr. İsmail Özarslan, the overall Secretary associated with Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and a part associated with the first Board of Trustees.

The institution was founded by the first step toward academic and personal Services of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in accordance with what the law states of degree (No: 2547) and laws regarding Institutions of degree Established by Foundations. At first called "Istanbul Chamber of Commerce University", the establishment was renamed Istanbul Commerce University during deliberations associated with law in Turkish Parliament.

The university began its very first academic 12 months in 2001-2002 with 73 students admitted through additional quota.


The highest decision making body of Istanbul Commerce University may be the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is appointed because of the first step toward Educational and Social providers of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

The Board of Trustees appoints the Rector, whom works the college.


The university's campuses are located in Üsküdar, Küçükyalı, Eminönü and Sütlüce. Üsküdar campus is home to the English Preparatory Department and 11 undergraduate level programs. The Continuing knowledge Centre, Career preparing device, Self-Development and Psychological Counselling device, Erasmus Coordination Office, TV-Radio studio also studios are all situated in this university. The Vocational Class and Faculty of Engineering tend to be spread-over a wide location; two structures have been in Küçükyalı Campus. Professors of Law, Data protection Research Centre, EU Application and Research Centre and Institutes for graduate programs in operation, psychology and processing can be found in Eminönü, on the coastline for the Golden Horn on European side of Istanbul.


It really is the five Turkish universities that traditionally be involved in the Willem C. Vis Moot. The institution supports, resources and promotes its senior legislation students to be involved in nationwide and international moot judge competitions.

The university runs a research center is designed to gauge the credit scoring regarding the big organizations of chicken.

It's a cooperative companion of teknoparkistanbul which is a technology complex well worth US$2 billion. It features comprehensive cooperations using the industrial people, as it was founded because of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Deductive fallacy. How can becoming established by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce give you "comprehensive cooperations using professional people").

Pupil life[edit]

ICU features more than fifty-five pupil clubs and societies for social, social and intellectual reasons. Many of these fraternities and sororities are Aviation control, American soccer club, Dance Club, English Drama Club, photographer Club, Sailing Club.

Annually in Summer, ICU organizes major celebrations that final 1 to 3 times. Utilizing the participation of famous designers, the spring festivities are a favorite occasion among university students in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Commerce University's sports groups of Shooting, Dragon Boat, Basketball, Football, Rowing, Orienteering, Indoor football, Chess and Volleyball tend to be extremely successful university recreations groups across the country, because the college exceptionally supports and connects great importance to athletics. Inside upper roofing of Üsküdar Kampüsü, there is recreations hallway open for teams and pupils and staff.

Students of ICU take pleasure in the Kandilli Cemile Sultan Grove. It contains a preserved tiny woodland, tennis court, swimming pool and baseball courtroom. The college also has a guesthouse in Kadıköy.

Educational products[edit]

Istanbul Commerce University is composed of 6 traits, Foreign Language Preparatory School, Vocational School, 3 Institutes and lots of Centers.

The faculties will be the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Engineering and Design, the professors of correspondence together with Faculty of Applied Sciences. The professors of Arts is constituted associated with the divisions of Statistics, Mathematics and mindset; the Faculty of industrial Sciences is constituted associated with Departments of Banking and Finance, company management, Tourism Management, Overseas Relations and International Trade; Faculty of Law includes the division of Law; the professors of Engineering and Design is constituted associated with divisions of Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Fashion and Textile Design; the professors of Communication is constituted of this divisions of Visual Communication Design, advertising and Media-Communication Systems.

The Vocational class is designed according to the trends in business and business as well as the need of advanced staff in Turkey. Inside framework, the Vocational School consists of programs particularly Accounting (Tr/Eng), international Trade, Computer tech and Programming(Tr/Eng), Computer tech and Programming (1+1), Air Logistics, Aviation Ground Services, Logistics, Accounting and Taxation Applications and Global Logistics.

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