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August 22, 2022
Girne American University

The Ankara Directory (class many years 1953-1979) was published in 1990 and it is continually preserved, updated and distributed. It remains, even today, our most valuable asset. We established and continue maintaining the policy the Ankara Directory is actually for the unique, non-commercial use of alumni and faculty.

Whom needs to register?

Pupils whom attended one 12 months of twelfth grade in Ankara, grades 9-12, class years 1953 - this present year's graduates. We don't accept registrations from students just before their particular senior high school graduation. Kindly try not to register if perhaps you were in Ankara only for primary college or middle (junior high) school.

Professors and non-teaching staff from 1953-current course year.
So how exactly does your subscription information assistance united states?
We preserve current e-mail details being published to a protected part of this website.

We maintain the Ankara Directory - a thorough contact selection of alumni & professors, occasionally mailed to fellow alumni.

What is the Ankara Directory?

Existing addresses and cell phone numbers of all of the alumni and professors just who attended the twelfth grade in the 50s, 60s and seventies. The Directory also details anyone who has died and alumni whom graduated, but they are still missing.

In whichis the printed Directory for the class years 1980 and past?

No extensive alumni Directory has actually ever before been imprinted or distributed for classes beyond 1979. We're ready to expand the directory site to add all class years, but only if the difficult prices (printing and postage) are financed by those alumni. We preserve, within class listing database, the contact information and mail addresses for all class years. Brands and e-mail addresses can be purchased in The system, but complete email address might only be distributed via a printed Directory.

What goes on after I subscribe?

Your title, email address therefore the town where you live is going to be published under your appropriate class/graduation 12 months. These records is login shielded and can only be viewed by fellow alumni who are placed in and receive the Ankara Directory.

Your street target and phone number aren't viewable on this
site. This information is put into the Ankara Directory (1953-1979) and periodically sent to alumni.

Could I update/edit my information?

Yes. Kindly do write to us once you move, change your contact number or acquire a fresh current email address. Just select the "editing my information" choice on registration kind and full all of the required industries.

Once I sign up my e-mail target, can I obtain much more SPAM?

The simple answer is "no." Your internet site doesn't actually have the email target listing. It is kept in an independent database that cannot be right accessed by SPAMers. The email address you see on your desktop display screen exists in your web browser just at that time you're seeing it.

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