Bilgi University Istanbul

May 23, 2018
Bilgi University, Istanbul

Virginia Larena Fall 2014
Spain (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid), Global Center Erasmus+ Internship

I have been in Istanbul for 5 months doing my internship in the Global Center in Istanbul Bilgi University. It is often an incredible knowledge! I would like to thank Erasmus + plan to offer the pupils the chance to study overseas and all my colleagues for all the help and support that I received. It had been outstanding knowledge working together with even more interns from different nations as France, Germany, Finland and chicken and so enriching learning and spending some time together.
Personally I think therefore fortunate to truly have the possiblity to enjoy Istanbul. Even though, it is a giant city and quite often so chaothic, the Bosphorus view and its own history places are so gorgeous and full record. Although, it is a different culture people was so friendly and welcoming. I aslo attempted to learn a litle little bit of Turkish to obtain more involve in the culture thanks to the Turkish Language Course that used to do in Campus.
Thanks for this good experience!

Katherine Stacey M. BrownSpring 2014
United States Of America (Macalester University, Minnesota), Sociology, Laureate Exchange

My knowledge at BILGI this semester has actually assisted us to develop not just academically, however it has also assisted me to clarify our goals. I’ve had the chance to explore Istanbul, an amazing town that features supported my educational objectives with-it’s rich record and variety. The professors at BILGI have inked an excellent work of comprehending international pupils’ needs and at contextualising lots of their particular lectures consequently. I've been extremely pleased with how I being able to fulfill folks from all around the globe also to experience the city together and then having conversations which can be relevant to everything we tend to be experiencing and seeing in Istanbul additionally to our educational classes. I am appearing out of the semester with a far greater comprehension of Turkey’s invest the planet as well as the way I really fit into the planet.

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