Medical Education in Turkey past to future

May 20, 2022

Sports medicine training in chicken is assessed. The present amount of instruction is outlined and a curriculum needs assessment made. The primary problems in sports health care are discussed and solutions advised. Changes in education, financing, and policy tend to be suggested.

The niche of activities medication is inadequately developed in chicken. The medical approach to sport goes back on start of 20th century. Specialist training in activities medication started inside 1970s, and also these days sports medication struggles become recognised by the other medical specialties in Turkey.

Turkey has actually a populace of 63 million. The proportion of young adults is large, and over ten million come in training. Over 150 000 athletes are subscribed with 37 different activities federations recognised by the General Directory of Sports and Youth in chicken. An overall total of 5560 clubs offer various sporting options. The preferred recreations tend to be football, baseball, athletics, wrestling, and fighting styles.

Health care bills for elite professional athletes is provided by one of three athletic knowledge and wellness centres run because of the General Directory of Sports and Youth or by the sports medicine divisions of college medical schools. Actual evaluation before participation can be obtained at any health organization, but standardisation of such exams is lacking.


Medical training has a long custom in chicken dating back to on center of this 19th century. Following the second globe war, there evolved an affinity for founding new health schools and increasing the few physicians. The sheer number of medical schools had risen to 47 by the year 2000. Medical knowledge is certainly caused by given by government faculties. Knowledge in health schools is oriented to major treatment. Pupils must compete for entry to these schools after quality 11 (age 16–17). Pupils utilizing the top 5percent of outcomes from a central advanced schooling evaluation gain access to this privileged health education. Health learning Turkey persists six many years and employs a standard curriculum. After completing health education, students have actually two choices for career development: to get results as a broad health officer in major care in rural areas or attend more specialist training. Places for residencies tend to be couple of, and just about 5% of applicants tend to be successful.


1st sports medication residency was created in 1973. It lasted 2 yrs and contains 11 programs highly relevant to recreations medication. Five experts in recreations medication graduated using this programme between 1973 and 1981. Between 1981 and 1989 just orthopaedic surgeons, physiatrists, and physiologists were permitted to go to a sports medication training programme. In 1989 the Turkish Ministry of wellness accepted activities medicine as a medical specialty and increased along instruction to 3 years. How many programs had been decreased to four (dining table 1). On conclusion for the three year program and driving the evaluation, the graduates tend to be awarded the subject of specialist in recreations medicine because of the Ministry of Health. Moreover, the opportunity to subspecialise for starters 12 months in activities medicine was handed to orthopaedic surgeons and physiologists by this legislation.

Table 1

Program routine of sports medicine residency learning Turkey

The amount of sports medication departments at medical schools has grown to 15 throughout the last decade. Just these departments are allowed to offer postgraduate knowledge in activities medication. Three to five residency places are available a-year.

The present curriculum is designed to create students who're proficient in the management of common health issues and rehabilitation and to supply appropriate crisis interventions for hurt professional athletes. Because of the general dissatisfaction using the curriculum, the Turkish community of Sports Physicians together with Coordination Council of healthcare Specialty Societies tend to be planning a unique draft curriculum, when the education is increased to four many years and more recent courses relevant to sports medicine tend to be included (table 2). The length of fellowships for orthopaedic surgeons and physiatrists is risen up to couple of years.

Dining Table 2

Recommended program routine for recreations medicine specialisation (community of Turkish Sports doctors)

Graduates because of these sports medicine residencies tend to be forced to work with not related fields due to the insufficient a proper infrastructure. A few of them choose an academic profession in universities whereas other individuals decide to work in private wellness institutions, health centers operate by the General Directory of Sports and Youth, or with sport teams.


Around 39.9 million (65%) of the populace are covered by medical health insurance, whereas about 21.4 million (35per cent) are not. Totally free sports health assistance is offered only for elite athletes. Amateur athletes need to protect their very own health expenses. Therefore professional athletes with recreation specific health conditions do not consistently receive care from a reliable, sports medication focused institution, and a regular real evaluation before involvement is oftentimes lacking.

The necessity for health practitioners specialising in recreations medication is consequently nevertheless great. A major problem could be the not enough expert and job articles for expert in recreations medication.

The Turkish community of Sports Physicians was wanting to market the best criteria when you look at the specialty since its foundation in 1965. It offers posted the Turkish Journal of Sports drug, that will be among earliest journals in Turkey, since 1966 and organises a national activities medicine congress every couple of years.

The smoothness of recreations medicine changed during the last few years from a purely doctor structured discipline to a multidisciplinary construction. More and more professionals such physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists are participating. Over 50 schools of physical education and kinesiology in addition add students to sports medication. At institutes for wellness sciences, master of technology and physician of viewpoint degrees in activities medication may be accomplished.

I really believe that despite these positive changes in sports medicine, substantial modifications and improvements when you look at the healthcare system for professional athletes should be made. Health insurance for many athletes should-be supplied. Brand new professional and profession articles and well equipped centres should-be given to physicians happy to take care of professional athletes. An urgent need is the integration of recreations medicine classes into undergraduate medical training, since most graduates is certainly going on to work in outlying areas, where they will handle sports accidents. The abilities of activities physicians should be advertised towards populace as a whole, particularly sports clubs and organisations, to produce a well recognised recreations medicine discipline in chicken.

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