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August 9, 2022
A political, social and

fethullah-gulen-honorary-president-of-rumi-forumFethullah Gulen attended his formal main education in his home village, and following the family members moved to a nearby town he started a friendly spiritual training.

In 1959, Fethullah Gulen ended up being granted a state preacher’s license in Edirne, Turkey. He was after that transferred in 1966 to a religious post in Izmir, Turkey. It was in Izmir that Mr. Gulen’s modern a few ideas of training, technology, the economy and personal justice began to simply take form and his followers started to boost.

During this time period, he journeyed to numerous provinces in Anatolia offering lectures in mosques, coffee homes and other community meeting places. Fethullah Gulen talked on important subjects ranging from peace and personal justice to theoretical naturalism. His primary aim constantly remained, urging younger generation to harmonize intellectual enlightenment with spirituality grounded in religious tradition, also to offer mankind.

Throughout his life and until these days, Fethullah Gulen happens to be greatly affected by the a few ideas and writings of many great Muslim scholars, amongst them: Said Nursi, Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi, Abu Hanifa, Ghazali, Imam Rabbani, Yunus Emre.

Consistent with these great thinkers, Fethullah Gulen’s viewpoint and writings embody tips of altruistic service to one’s neighborhood and likewise to mankind as a whole; balance between cleverness and heart; sincerity; a holistic view for the individual; a serious devotion and passion for creation. Throughout their life, Mr. Gulen has been mentioned for their assistance of democracy, technology, dialogue and non-violence.

Fethullah Gulen is viewed as the president and inspirer of international social action known as the Hizmet (Service) Movement, more popularly known as the Gulen Movement.

In 1994, Mr. Gulen co-founded the “Journalists and Writers Foundation” and was presented with the name “Honorary President” by the basis.

Inspite of the high respect millions hold for him, Mr. Gulen considers himself a volunteering person in the municipal community activity he aided found and does not take any credit of management for Hizmet (Service) Movement.

Fethullah Gulen devotes their time for you reading, writing, and spiritual commitment. He's based his knowledge of service upon this directing concept, ‘living to let others live’ (‘yasatmak icin yasamak’ in Turkish).

Fethullah Gulen at this time resides in Pennsylvania and will continue to compose and give speaks on numerous topics.

He's supported since the Honorary President regarding the Rumi Forum since 1999. Within the last decade there has been numerous conferences concentrating on the modern tips of Mr. Gulen additionally the individuals he has impressed.

Source: rumiforum.org
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