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May 1, 2024
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A-Lending outside Publication Request problems for people in the college;

1 Istanbul University professors and staff members, our college graduate and doctorate pupils off their libraries through the book specialists can make book /copy request.

  1. People may request by a maximum of 5 magazines.
  2. The workplace and residence telephone number should be reported.
  3. sending cargo / postage expenses is one of the user.
  4. The timeframe for the Income publications, delivering the broadcast varies based on each collection.
  5. Publications Lent, must be submitted to your collection at least 2 days before the deadline.
  6. people who would like to extend the full time calling our collection per week beforehand you'll increase inside the principles regarding the respective library.

9 the exact same application can be accustomed deliver the content of book. Obtain for photocopies are at the mercy of the guidelines of the library is good requests (costs etc.).

10- arrival time of desired book varies based if it is a domestic or foreign need.

B.Incoming demand circumstances for off their Libraries

  1. Loan ask for books and articles, authorized by the ILL service regarding the collection could be made utilising the “Interlibrary Loan / Photocopy Request Form”
  2. Any publication desired from our library as that loan are made if two or more copies occur. However, if one content exits it may never be provided as a loan, but photocopies are made.


    Aside from this, request are made through KITS through the central library associated with advanced schooling institution they participate in.

    Kindly click for the application for publications and Articles you prefer.

  3. Asking for copies of all the thesis should report the name of the person involved with the investigation consultant. The pupils next school counselor, department and school quantity should also be included.
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