Free education in Turkey for Pakistan students

September 3, 2021
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Derya Ozkul – Alumna of Bogazici University

Note: To understand the specific situation of Turkish universities in crisis, one could must write about the overarching neoliberal guidelines and all sorts of the efforts at policing the weight against all of them. Yet this would require a far more extensive investigation. Here i'll need to restrict myself to only the most recent instances: the decision for the so-called ‘totally free and safe University’ management by the degree Council in chicken.

I will be an alumna of Bogazici University, a public college in chicken, a nation that survived a number of armed forces coups whose repercussions still manifest by themselves in the every day life regarding the people. Current constitution regulating numerous components of everyday life may be the history through the most recent coup in 1980. Based on the constitution, YÖK (The Higher Education Council) accounts for the planning and direction of Turkish universities.

The duty of preparing and direction of universities cannot add only approving the programs and also the faculties, but in addition intervening in campuses actually. The recent protests at Turkish universities had been hence satisfied with great anxiety by the Council. These protests happen primarily from the lack of education for minorities plus the increased charges even yet in alleged free public universities. After a few pupil protests across the country, YÖK came across to talk about what sort of a new administration to initiate.

For this function, the alleged ‘complimentary and Secure University’ decisions had been drawn in a shut conference and were sent out to all or any universities at the beginning of the past academic semester through the way of Security General Directorate. The president of YÖK says that these enable universities to create understanding in freedom and also to get a grip on the safety situation to their campuses. (Please note that inside their terms both of these principles of freedom and safety are utilized practically as associated.) Only to make sure understanding is manufactured in a free of charge environment, the president declares that their particular aim is to teach private protection protections working specifically on university campuses. Therefore, the ‘totally free and safe University’ choices tend to be taken fully to prevent any types of protest and ‘noxious’ views and respond all of them because instantly as possible. The choices consist of, but are not limited to, here functions:

  • For university safety reasons, universities should control their particular entry-exit points, develop illumination methods, use cameras incase possible check fingerprints.
  • To respond since straight away as you are able to, universities should need ahead of time the authorization to hire policemen and/or exclusive safety guards.
  • Universities should designate a certain area for policemen on university.
  • If private safety guards aren't sufficient, formal authorities forces must also have the ability to intervene on campuses.
  • For every academic semester, all college staff should have at the least two meetings about the protection scenario among students.
  • Students participating in protests is followed and supplied counseling solutions. Toward that end, counseling solutions should always be improved and made on campuses (which is a sharp demonstration of just one regarding the approaches to ‘cure’ the pupils).

Independent of the actual security, YÖK ‘helps’ to produce knowledge in a totally free environment in economic terms too. The larger education system in chicken is comprised of community and exclusive universities. Whereas people people had been thought to offer much better education, during the last ten years, aided by the increased monetary support of industrial teams, personal people started initially to attract the nice professors from general public ones, signaling your balance will change within the coming decades. Actually, one reason why for permitting personal universities had been the Turkish state stated itself to-be economically insufficient in fulfilling the educational requirements. Today this year, the YÖK initiates the provision of:

  • ‘state-funded scholarships’ to pupils who would like to study in exclusive universities (making one question where these sources after that originate from, if condition is economically deficient).
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