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September 8, 2022
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Angela Steinmann Dear Moms And Dads,

Thank you for visiting our college. We have been greatly getting excited about the year forward and revealing with you the fantastic learning which happening here.

We keep parents informed on a regular foundation about activities in main school through our college weblog. Besides, this season we introduced blog sites for virtually any class in the main school. Your child’s instructor makes use of the course blog on a regular basis to communicate in regards to the learning in their class, to produce all about the present product of inquiry, show what the kids are learning in language and math, offer the class timetable, provide reminders about occasions, and number some resources at school and beyond that'll help your child’s learning.

As you go into the Major School there are lots of indicators which show the PYP philosophy, in line with the Learner Profile, in action. One of the first issues will discover are open classroom doors. If we would you like to promote open-mindedness we have to show that something taking place inside classrooms is distributed to pupils, faculty in addition to larger neighborhood – a sharing of space, sources and some ideas.

The classrooms tend to be arranged so that allows the students to get results in groups and exchange information and ideas. Desks are organized in groups versus rows, there are conversation areas for class to gather as friends or work in a manner which suitable for their discovering design. They truly are building their abilities of communication, thinking and asking.

For the classrooms and hallways there are displays showing what the students tend to be studying at that point with time. We value the purchase of knowledge and proudly show it.

a customer is often hit because of the quality of interactions they usually have using the pupil human anatomy while they walk through the college. Our youngsters tend to be confident communicators and show the concepts of ways and courtesy.

Our shows additionally show our pupils should mirror upon their own discovering and to communicate that in lots of ways. Our products of query have a solid concentrate on the pupils using some kind of action as a result of what they have learnt and what they have actually reflected upon. This generally features some risk-taking on their component, that will help them on the path to becoming principled grownups. Their action takes the form of assisting a pal, the class, the college and, ultimately, the wider neighborhood - undoubtedly caring people.

Visit our college and discover our goal for action.
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Secondary Principal
Joe Lumsden
Dear moms and dads and Students, Welcome to the IICS Secondary class. On our web site you'll be able discover information about the many different facets of our educational system. At IICS we try to develop our students’ abilities and passions across a very broad spectrum of challenges. Consider your time at IICS to-be a chance to develop the whole individual through programs geared towards challenging and enhancing the head, human anatomy, and character.

At IICS we discover take pride locally aspect of our title. Good connections, shared assistance, open interaction and collaboration are important throughout our school and programs. From classroom to class trips, staff peer mentoring to pupil self-directed research groups, athletics, arts and activities to program initiatives – establishing specific skills and expertise while contributing to the entire energy for the group, course, staff, or company is essential. In so doing, IICS fosters the private, personal and scholastic development that support students' future possibilities and successes.

Inside our ever-changing educational landscape, dedication to teamwork, efficient interaction, and genuine discovering experiences along with old-fashioned content knowledge opportunities IICS students to-be among the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Our diverse neighborhood provides pupils and teachers the opportunity to study on each other and share special experiences and views while cultivating shared respect and provided core values. Our staff is invested in empowering pupils because of the abilities, resources and enthusiasm for life-long learning.

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