Al Fateh University

February 6, 2019
Al-Fateh University
Al Fateh University, Campus B contains about 10, 000 undergraduates, 800 masters level candidates, and 18 Ph.D. pupils; 220 staff, 150 ad hoc professors, 120 workers. It's eight auditoriums, 19 classrooms, 4 extra-large classrooms. In addition has a rural campus at Al Azizia where 700 pupils are taught consequently they are an integral part of the university system. Dean Mansur compares himself to a mayor because he's numerous duties presiding over a large neighborhood of pupils engaging in a rich and radiant scholastic life.

Dean Mansur told me that life at university and, for him actually, changed forever in the afternoon of Thursday 9 Summer, 2011.

He recalled the college started as usual around 8:00 am and was to close later that evening at about 8:00 pm.

Thursday, 9 Summer, he thought, was going to be as with any various other day, aside from the fracas within the women that had cleared the campus of several of this students just who performedn’t want any component when you look at the combat. So, outside in university parking area, Dr. Mansur told me he was preoccupied thinking just how he'd deal with the disciplinary problem before him.

Akademi Al-Fateh - Institusi Usrah
Akademi Al-Fateh III - Institusi Usrah
Al Quds University Debate Clip 1
Al Quds University Debate Clip 1
Al Fateh Gaddafi. 1.9.13. Russia
Al Fateh Gaddafi. 1.9.13. Russia
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