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July 12, 2022
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“In existing scenario, mind drain will be seen, but we encourage our pupils to create the most recent analysis and technologies to Pakistan and place their particular share into development of man resource in Pakistan, ” he said in an interview with ‘The News’.

Hamid Rauf said your HR Consultants are typically in this industry since last twenty years and this year they've been celebrating their particular twentieth year into assisting advanced schooling in Pakistan. It’s only a matter of the time once we see these small children equipped with foreign levels steer the united states from the crisis. Our childhood has such potential and something just has to channelise all of them to the correct course. This is the objective of HR Consultants when we established consultancy centres all over Pakistan.

The difference between us and differing consultants is we possess the pupils trust also we are official admission workplace of some of the known universities of the world. Like BPP university British and Australian nationwide University, the number 1 university in Australian Continent. The university has actually extremely high criteria and just 10-15 Pakistani pupils get scholarships because institution. We're also being employed as the admission workplace with Russell selection of Colleges. We in addition provide our solutions as joint collaborators for UK, American, Australian Continent, Canada, and Pakistan, ’ he included.

Whenever asked as to why the pupils picked HR Consultants over others, Hamid Rauf reacted they've the trust of this students for over 20 years and they have developed a niche for themselves in this field because they are a brand name today. “We expedite the visa handling and then we can facilitate in hostel accommodation etc. We've completely financed 15-20 scholarships for brilliant students at Masters amount Programmes, that have great GPA. Studies plus living price would be covered when it comes to students, ” he added.

Dealing with the fake agents which trap the moms and dads and exploit countless rupees, Hamid stated that it's needed for the pupils as well as the parents to do analysis regarding professionals and look their history before handing on the cash to them. For severe pupils there are many options in UK, American, Australian Continent and Canada. Each college has profession placement centre so the students before completing their particular level can put on for internship and assistants in companies. The universities conduct work fairs time and again additionally the students publish their CVs to them.

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