New East University

December 11, 2020
Near East University

Today, with approximately 24 thousand students from 90 different countries, Near East University established in Nicosia, the main city for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, features acquired a well-deserved worldwide identity, offering high-standard educational opportunities using its skilled scholastic staff and its well-established infrastructure. Near East University is a complete member of the European University Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, Global community for Engineering knowledge (IGIP), Joint Commission Global (JCI), therefore the Federation of the Universities of this Islamic World (FUIW) in addition to 118 nationwide and intercontinental fundamentals and organizations.


Analysis facilities are connected to Centre of Excellence

The basic goal of Centre of Excellence is gathering the information and knowledge, and unite all of them to achieve to greater outcomes. She proceeded, we could build homes, also larger buildings as little study centers, but if we unite our gains and achievements under one centre, the Centre of Excellence, we could even build skyscrapers


Grand Library

Covering 15, 000 m2 of indoor space, this gigantic complex brings forth world-class standards ofLibrary concept to our island, not only in terms of its dimensions but additionally with the extensive solutions it offers. In terms of its actual measurements and potentials, the Library houses over 500 thousand printed products on its open shelves. It is a tradition and information access center designed with value to world criteria, including more than 50 thousand digital journals, 6, 5 thousand DVDs, 17 stands for watching movies, 12 private and team research areas, 4 amphitheatres with a seating convenience of 1000, a 350-person theater, a 600-person cafeteria and 600 study tables and twenty four hours internet access. Open 24 hours a day, the complex is open to everyone cost-free.
The information foot of the Library, that is established and designed with the latest electronic technology, are accessed out of your home via internet. If you should be on-campus, you can even access the info while tanning on reasons, because of our cordless system. The planet's Libraryconcept is breaking brand-new floor; it's not any longer simply someplace to look at publications. They act as information access centres. Here is the method we purchased to produce solutions. Regarding the one hand, we are providing when it comes to expectations and desires of scholastic life, having said that, we're so that they can serve for vocational branches, people requirements and to both municipal and government institutions. Shortly, our reference solutions would be obtainable via telephone, net and SMS, so this service which is currently available simply to academicians and scientists, are going to be obtainable by the average man or woman and. You'll be able for connecting to the solution and discover how old the president is or research issues of the concerns inside EU laws. We are slowly enhancing our solutions and also for the after that 1O years, our major objective is improve ability of printed products on open racks from 500 thousand to an accumulation 1.5 million imprinted products. The closed shelf system that we will use to provide users is in ready. Within some time, we think that our Library, the end result of a huge financial investment, will undoubtedly be one of several earth's finest.

NEU Hospital NEU Supercomputer

IBM's supercomputer, located in the Innovation and Ideas Technologies Center, ended up being created in 2007. Having ranked 13th among the universities on the planet having its calculation speed and capability.

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