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December 6, 2019
AKP, Gulen community in open

The İstanbul Metropolitan municipality, that has been confronted with allegations of discrimination against Hizmet movement-affiliated institutions running in the city, has covered Fatih College city billboard with black tarps.

The administration of the Hizmet-affiliated Fatih College rented advertisement room on billboards in several components of İstanbul between Sept. 5 and 15. But the municipality covered those advertisements with black tarps on Sept. 9, Turkish media outlets reported on Friday.

Fatih university's attorney, Nejdet Solmazgül, informed Today's Zaman that college features filed unlawful grievances against ad company Ströer Reklamcılık in addition to İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The school in addition revealed a written statement mentioning past discriminatory practices it experienced at the hands of the municipality. It said: “The Fatih university advertisement regarding the E-5 Highway in İstanbul's Merter area ended up being eliminated by the municipality even though the ad room had been rented out by the faculty until 2015. This is followed by removing 10 adverts on city billboards in Başakşehir area of İstanbul in July. This was further followed by removing a building place ad into the Mecidiyeköy community. The municipality features continued this practice by covering up five adverts that continue to have time left for display. We will be pursuing our legal rights as assured because of the legislation.”

These alleged discriminatory techniques against Hizmet-affiliated establishments are not initial, as much institutions are becoming targets of municipalities.

In July, the Bolu Municipality power down two schools owned by businessmen connected to the Hizmet motion. The municipality hung an indication while watching shut schools saying the buildings was not approved hence their particular building was not consistent with municipal laws. In August, the exact same municipality built a road within the courtyard of Fatih College although the school is enclosed by bare plots which there are no residential areas all over school.

The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality stopped the construction of a training complex on independently possessed land at the beginning of Summer in the pretext that land would be made use of as a green location and meeting point in the function of a quake. The municipality, but didn't obtain the needed approval from other authorities when you look at the province to prevent the building of the knowledge complex. The complex reportedly belonged to Fetih Eğitim İşletmeleri (Fetih Educational Operations), that has close connections toward Hizmet motion.

On June 25, the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality eliminated a billboard ad belonging to the Fem prep college in Mecidiyeköy in the reasons that college had violated the municipality's marketing and advertising laws. But many believe the actual explanation is basically because the preparation college is connected to the Hizmet movement, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan together with government are against.

Erdoğan has accused the Hizmet action of being behind a huge corruption research into his federal government. He promises it was a coup effort designed to overthrow their Justice and developing Party (AK Party) government, even though the former prime minister has not been able to create any research to justify their statements.

Source: www.todayszaman.com
Kayaşehir Fatih College English Fair
Kayaşehir Fatih College English Fair
the Zorvivor (by Fatih College students)
the Zorvivor (by Fatih College students)
Super Battle Droid in Fatih College
Super Battle Droid in Fatih College
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