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November 21, 2018
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The division of English is among the supporting divisions in YTU. English is taught as a compulsory subject from A.G.T.I. first year level to PhD Programme. Since 1997, utilizing the development of government technological universities and colleges in Ministry of Science and Technology, the English department is totally in charge of producing highly qualified English educators and scholastic teachers with exemplary command of English for all colleges and universities.

English Language Site Centre

The English Language Resource Centre has arrived into presence since 1998. This self-access center is available to postgraduate students such as those in PhD Courses and Master’s Courses in Engineering as well as in used Science together with the prospects associated with Diploma and Master Courses in English for Specific Purposes. They could utilize resource center services.English-2 Sources available consist of encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference publications, course publications, pamphlets, and periodicals relating to research and technology, and books on establishing skills and on language training methodology with a view to helping the people for reference and study. The centre is also ideal for those who find themselves using international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, etc. A good amenity for learners of English could be the listening facility. They are able to use audio/visual helps eg cassette and video clip player. On listening section, four students can do hearing as well without making any disruption together. In the shape of audio-visual helps, they may be able get enough contact with copy the worries, intonation and pronunciation, and to get native-like fluency and accent. An excellent video collection including academic and recreational video clips can be acquired to users. Services are supplied to ensure that 26 people may use the area at any given time.

Four prospects utilising the hearing station in the English Language site Centre
DESP prospects reading books on building abilities as well as on language methodology
DESP applicants taking pleasure in reading books
DESP candidates building the reading ability
DESP candidates widening their particular understanding by reading
A DESP prospect learning computer-aided instruction
English Language Laboratory
The English Language Laboratory is intended for DESP and MESP prospects that likely to enhance their accent and pronunciation and develop their particular receptive and productive skills. It has special equipment to help pupils understand foreign language by hearing tapes, watching movies, tracking on their own and doing exercises. There are 30 booths in the laboratory which is well-equipped with audio-visual services. Learners may do aural and dental activities because of the assistance of instructors. The process of all discovering is supervised by instructors.

The Classes of Learn

Undergraduate Courses
English is taught as a compulsory subject to pupils in technological institutes, colleges and universities. Content production is performed with a view to accumulating their self-confidence in using language and building their accuracy and fluency. Alterations into the prescribed texts are made from time for you to time for you to keep up with all of the alterations in I . t and to fulfil their instant academic needs as well as their particular future occupational requirements.English-4 efficient lectures tend to be arranged is given utilizing CD-Rom databases.

A lecturer delivering a talk on oral presentation

Postgraduate Classes
English is also taught as a compulsory topic inside Master’s and PhD Courses in Engineering and Architecture, with the goal of making postgraduates with an excellent command of language with substantial knowledge and visibility in language, and thus having the ability to deliver lecture in English. Furthermore, the purpose of teaching English would be to help pupils result in the transition from having an over-all ability in English to having a competence in degree and designs of English they will importance of their scholastic work.

Human Resource Development Programme

As a result of increase in how many GTIs, GTCs and TUs through the entire country, brand new ESP educators are recruited and offered learning English for particular Purposes Course in the master and diploma amounts at YTU. These postgraduate programs aim to offer a good basis when you look at the four language skills alongside the possibility to develop the relevant skills and knowledge necessary for their particular language plus the curiosity about the program of research. Additionally aims to instruct the ESP educators means and means of updating and improving their English language proficiency and also to provide ways to relieve problems faced in teaching ESP to their pupils also to enable them to use the English language more effectively and effectively in teaching their particular students.
In addition, the courses aim the ESP teachers to be able to make full use of their particular present knowledge and facilities supplied by the universities and universities such as for example language laboratory, computer, OHP and slides also to offer the trainees with a couple of processes which are most important for students like reading with rate and understanding, note-taking, summarizing, writing reports and brief articles, participating with confidence in discussions and speaks, etc.

English-3 English-5 English-6 English-7
Source: ytu.edu.mm
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