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March 27, 2016

Eddings-TurkeyWhen I had been increased college pupil, the past couple of years I became always thinking about where to try using further research, and whom to become. I happened to be confused and considered stressful. I attempted the Kyrgyz national college entry evaluation many various other exams to apply overseas. When you look at the springtime, I happened to be informed that i've been selected as a finalist for FLEX program(US), that is sponsored by US State Department. Its a one 12 months trade system for kids. Later, after 8 weeks once I was through with my visa application, I learnt that I passed an exam and won the full scholarship to study in chicken. It had been very difficult to decide what to do, where you should go. Sometimes I was also afraid to go abroad. Finally, I made the decision to visit chicken to review in center East Specialized University, and I can guarantee you that today i don’t regret about this whatsoever.

It had been August 25 when we’re traveling from Kyrgyzstan to Turkey. I happened to be traveling along with other pupils which additionally won a scholarship to examine in Turkey. From Bishkek(capital city of Kyrgyzstan) to Istanbul we all flew collectively, then in Istanbul some associates from Ministry of Education of Turkish Republic came across united states and assisted in reaching our locations. My destination ended up being Ankara, the capital town of chicken. as soon as we reached indeed there some Kyrgyz pupils found and took united states on dormitory. Dormitories in chicken are particularly convenient for students just who come from more eastern communities, since the dormitories aren't combined. Girls and boys are now living in various buildings. Next day we visited my institution, and therefore day I became combined with other students who also originated in Kyrgyzstan, but applied through other programs. Within the University, i possibly could feel the freedom, because I found special men and women therefore was an enriching experience for me personally.

Educational system in Turkey

Today I shall share some details about the education in Turkey, while outlining it i'll primarily focus on the training system in Middle East Specialized University (METU). Turkey has strict way of training I would personally state. If you would like become successful student, you must sweat somewhat. The institution by which we studied ended up being one of the best universities in Turkey and consequently pupils learning there have been highly competitive. The analysis methods in addition diverse from a single training course to some other, many of those were assessed in line with the average range system (grading relative to the average), which increases competition among pupils. The academic language within our college is English and everyone expected large results from international students. During my education in this institution I happened to be never discriminated neither by teachers nor by various other students. Anytime I scored high, We have never faced any critique from my group mates; to the contrary, they constantly supported me articulating their particular trust and glee in my success. In general, the academic system is of western type. In the first 12 months, I encountered some difficulties obtaining always it, since in post soviet countries the machine ended up being passed down from soviet period. I'm also able to add that even when the device is western typed, the responsibility of classes is much more than that of post soviet nations

Experience of staying in Turkey

  • Heritage: Turkish culture had been high in shocks for me personally. When I first started to know Turkish tradition, it was back when we learned in Kyrgyz-Turkish girls highschool in Kyrgyzstan; I thought it had more or less the exact same tradition as compared to Kyrgyzstan. . However, my estimation has totally altered whenever I came to Turkey. Although there were many similarities, it took sometime in my situation getting regularly Turkish culture plus following the five years of residing Turkey, I did not absorb it entirely. It is also crucial that you remember that the Turkish tradition can be so much heterogeneous. When I was at Turkey, I had a chance to travel all around the Turkey and their particular tradition very differed from one area to another plus some areas there are those who are very conventional and follow more of a eastern lifestyle, while others in the same area choose western way of living.
  • Student life: i will certainly say that my student life had been amazing mainly due to conveniences and possibilities inside college. In the first place the college it self, its campus features every thing inside starting from hospital to financial institutions and hairdressing salon. It is possible to give 100percent of you to ultimately education inside spot. Most of my friends which lived-in the university decided to go to city as soon as in monthly, occasionally as soon as in two months. All fundamental needs of a student had been satisfied when you look at the campus.
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