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October 27, 2023
Even as an elementary school

Tarsus United states university or Tarsus American School (official Turkish name: Özel Tarsus Amerikan Lisesi, also called Tarsus Amerikan Koleji) is a private coeducational senior school positioned in Tarsus, Province of Mersin, chicken. It really is known for the prosperity of its alumni for the world.The Economist (1994) noted that Tarsus American School is within the top ten schools in chicken, due primarily to the prosperity of its students. The college keeps a respective fellowship system, where all students within the school understand each other and have powerful bonds.

The college was established in 1888 beneath the name "St. Paul's Institute at Tarsus" after a sense of US newsprint author Elliot Fitch Shepard to construct an institution in dedication to "St. Paul" during their visit to Tarsus.

With its very first years, the institution had close connection with the United states Board Foundation, a charity company situated in Boston, Massachusetts, American. Alexander Mac Lachlan and presbyterian missionary Harutyun Stephen Cenanyan (25 April 1858, Maraş, Turkey – 25 September 1907, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in nyc, served whilst the very first college directors until 1891, Thomas Davidson Christie from 1893 to 1920.

Regarding Burke Library alumni documents of Union Theological Seminary, times of Jenanyan's delivery and demise get. In addition, the record credited him as founder of St. Paul's Institute.

Knowledge ended up being completed within the school's first building "Shepard Hall". Mr. Vanderpool, an US citizen, made a big contribution in memory of the mommy for a much needed building. "Stickler Hall" had been when the tallest building in Tarsus using its five tales. Since its building in 1911 it's been the sign of Tarsus American College.

The institution had been known as both "St. Paul's Institute at Tarsus" and "Tarsus American College" between 1911 and 1928. Since 1930 the name happens to be entirely Tarsus United states College.

Coeducation were only available in 1979 with 35 women joining the student human body of 506 boys. In 1986, the school graduates its first coed alumni. The same year, the boarding section, available from the preparatory class, ended up being closed until its reopening for men in 2002.


Principal gate of Tarsus American University


1888 "St.Paul's Institute at Tarsus " starts its education with eight students. In the 1st years, this has experience of the United states Board Foundation, a charity business located in Boston, Massachusetts . Between 1888 and 1891 initial school administrators are Alexander Mac Lachlan and Hartune S. Jenanyan. St. Paul 's Institute begins to become familiar, serving the scholastic needs of Tarsus and its surroundings. 1888-1911 instruction is done within the school's very first building "Shepard Hall".

1911 Stickler Hall, which will be emblematic of TAC today, is added to the university. The building of Stickler Hall starts in 1905 by a $10, 000 donation from an American citizen, Mr. Vanderpool. "Stickler" got its title from Mrs. Vanderpool's mama. The building, whose construction ended up being finished in 1911, is five stories tall. It absolutely was once the tallest building in Tarsus, with a height of 21 meters. Stickler Hall stands apart with its large roof reflecting a triangle on every part.

Between your many years 1911-1928, the college had been generally St. Paul's College and as Tarsus College. The school had to endure hard times in the 1st World War, and ultimately had been eligible for be a top school / lycée governed by the Turkish Republic in 1928, under an administration led by Mr. Woolworth.

1930 the institution graduates its very first alumni beneath the name " Tarsus United states College "

1954 "Friendship Hall " building opens.

1960 "Unity Hall " building starts.

1963 Senior year students known as the Legendary Class of 63 refused to take part in their commencement service to get their particular diplomas, with getting rejected to be involved in any personal activity, as a result of a dispute because of the school administration. Their move ended up being supported by the whole student human anatomy, along with official permission from the Governor, organized a March to your Ataturk Monument, initial of its sort in the history of Tarsus, and placed a black wreath, to protest from the class Administration. The college Administration found terms using this Legendary Class and organized a graduation service for them in the year 2000.

1979 The school begins co-ed knowledge. Along side 506 young men, you can find 35 girls in student body.

1983 The school graduates its very first coed alumni.

1985 the institution graduates its last every guys alumni.

1986 The boarding area, offered by the preparatory 12 months, is closed.

1988 "Centennial Hall " construction is completed and launched to service

1989 "Sadık Paşa Konağı" is rented and begins to be applied as an annex into the college buildings.

1990 Maynard Hall is included with the school university.

1997 The renovation of Stickler building, the representation for the college, begins. Following the law of eight many years of main education becomes effective, the middle college area is removed. At the same time, a preparatory year is added to the senior high school / lycée part. Medical and knowledge Foundation opens up the Tarsus SEV Elementary School to fill the space of a middle college.

1999 Stickler Hall, which was not useful for time, is re-opened for usage.

2002 The school re-launches its boarding section for guys.

2003–2004 TAC initiates a four-year highschool / lycée program. Today the institution provides its students with modern academics through its laboratories, multi-use recreations hallway, sports complexes, auditorium and libraries.


Tarsus United states College offers its students skilled knowledge with choices. TAC is authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme since November 2004, the programme is taught in English.

Student life in TAC[edit]

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